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‘To be the best we can be’

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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

Discovery Class

Welcome to Discovery Class!



Discovery Class cup winners 2021-2022



Our first week in Reception! 

Roald Dahl Day 2021!

Discovery class cup winners

12.03.2021- Ella 

19.03.2021- Brodie 

26.03.2021- James A

23.04.2021- Charlie 

30.04.2021- James M

07.05.2021- Henry 

14.05.2021- Logan

21.05.2021- Harry

28.05.2021- Bobo

11.06.2021- George H 

18.06.2021- Arabella

25.06.2021- Chloe 

09.07.2021- Ethan

16.07.2021- Iseult 

Forest School 

In forest school this week we looked at Australia. We made aboriginal paintings and our very own didgeridoos! 

Forest school

We had so much fun at forest school this week. We toasted marshmallows, had hot chocolate and made popcorn! 

Forest School

Discovery class had a great time at their first forest school session. We made blossom trees and prints using natural materials!

Lighthouse art

Some brilliant collages of lighthouses!

Doughnut day!

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

We had such a wonderful time at Axe Valley Wildlife Park. We saw and learnt about so many different animals and even got to hold/stroke some! 


We enjoyed making lots of different models!

Tea party with Mr St John! 

Some children in Discovery class were rewarded with a tea party with Mr St John. The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed hot chocolate and cakes! 

Teddy bears picnic!

Discovery class designed skewers and then wrote invitations inviting their teddy bears from home to come in for a picnic. The children then made their fruit skewers and had a wonderful fun filled teddy bears picnic! 

Number bonds!

Some fantastic number bonds to 10 work from this week! 

Schools against waste workshop 

We took part in a virtual recycling workshop this week. We learnt lots about the 3 R's-reduce, recycle and reuse. 


The children asked the class what their favourite fruit was and then using the ipads displayed this data in a pictogram. 

Brilliant math! 

Some fantastic independent maths work from this week! 

Exciting visitor!

We had a very exciting visit from Blue the puppy today. The children asked lots of questions to find out more information about him and how to look after a dog. We even got to stroke him, he was very fluffy! 


In computing this week we learnt about how we can share our learning. We learnt about how images are stored on the ipad and we can connect the ipad to the laptop using a USB cable. Please see below some of the photographs the children wanted to share with you from our first week back! 

Happy Easter!


We have been learning about the celebration Easter. The children have enjoyed Easter egg hunts, Easter crafts and more! 

Shape castles 

In art we have been looking at the painting 'Castle and Sun' by Paul Klee. We have been looking at different shapes and colours in his painting. Discovery class enjoyed experimenting mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. The children then created their own castle and sun paintings inspired by Paul Klee using primary and secondary colours.


We have enjoyed working with the professional artist Rachel this week to create some wonderful, bright mosaics that represent Hambridge school. 

Position and direction 

Discovery class enjoyed directing their friends around the outdoor area and through obstacles using the language forwards, left and right.


We have planted sunflowers, sweet peas, green beans, geraniums and continue to care for our daffodils, crocuses and various other plants. The children are really enjoying growing their own plants and flowers and we can’t wait to see whose sunflower grows the tallest this year!

Red nose day! 


Discovery classes first cup winner!


Shadow science experiment

Discovery Letter March re-opening

Chinese New Year


Discovery spring lockdown 1 photos

01/02/2021- Happy birthday!

Today we enjoyed celebrating a birthday! 

Photos of Christmas activities 2020!