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‘To be the best we can be’

Discovery Class

Welcome to Discovery Class 2023 - 2024!

Welcome to the 2023/2024 page for Discovery Class. Discovery class is made up of children in Foundation Stage and Year 1. Discovery class are currently being taught by Miss Royal (Monday - Thursday) and Mrs Gibson on a Thursday and Friday. The class is also supported by Mrs Hole and Miss Allen.  


Discovery Class recognise the importance of following the school rules to ensure the school is a happy and safe place.


This term Discovery will be focusing on the book ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and writing letters to Father Christmas in English. In Maths, Discovery will be learning about addition and subtraction. In History, they will be learning about why Remembrance Day is important and answering the enquiry question: "Why do we celebrate Remembrance day?". In Science we are learning about different types of materials and carrying out some exciting material investigations/tests.


Discovery’s PE days are on Tuesday and Thursday. We will be practising our gymnastic and fitness skills. 


Discovery Class 2022/2023

Toy history workshop

We have been planting sunflower seeds and are really excited to watch them grow.

Mary Anning

We have been learning about Mary Anning and her discovers in History. We went and visited Lyme Regis museum where we learnt more interesting facts about her.

World book day 2023

Discovery Class had a fantastic time celebrating world book day 2023!


The children have been very busy this afternoon making their final products of finger puppets. They designed their own and practiced their sewing skills leading up to making these

In ICT we have been using scratch to create our own dancing creatures. The children have learnt how to move and design their own versions. They can’t wait to put this all together to create some crazy creatures!

This week we have been learning about weight. The children have used scales to weigh different objects and have been using the terminology learnt when describing what they have created

We had so much fun exploring the snow today- for some this was a first! After this we created some beautiful poems all about the snow.

PCSO John Martin visited Discovery class to talk to them about what a police officer does. He answered lots of their questions and showed them the police car which they were allowed to sit in!

In Autumn term we have been working on numbers to 10 in Maths. The children have been doing number formations, counting, ordering and recognising all of the numbers.

Literacy - In Autumn for Literacy we have been learning our phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words. They have created some amazing sentences and beautiful pieces of work. The children have formed beautiful letter formations and can blend their sounds.

Art - In autumn term for Art we have been creating fabric faces. The children designed, practised a range of sewing skills and put this together to create some amazing artistic products.

Discovery Class cup winners 2021-2022







George H 

Ella Y


Ella D


George B 














Easter egg hunt!


Show and tell 

Henry brought in some sheep ribs and a sheep skull which he had found in an abandoned farm. Discovery Class were very interested in these objects and asked lots of brilliant questions. 

Victoria Sponge

We made Mr St John a yummy Victoria sponge cake! 

Red nose day! 


Pippin and Discovery Class enjoyed celebrating Science Week by exploring gravity. We created parachutes for little eggs to travel in and timed how long they took to land


Discovery Class had a great time working in small groups exploring how to programme the beebots to go forwards, backwards and to turn. The children also enjoyed seeing if they could predict where the beebot would end up using a counter and seeing if they could programme their beebot to go through a tunnel!

World Book Day 2022!

Crown making

In DT we designed our very own crown, deciding what materials we were going to use and why. We then followed our designs/plans to make our very own crowns! 

Observational drawings of flowers


Planting seeds! 

As part of our science learning we have planted runner bean seeds. We are going to look after them and observe how they change overtime. 


Nativity 2021!

Snowball fight! 

Our elf on the shelf left us snowballs so we could have a fun snowball fight at break time! 

Exciting new outdoor equipment!

We have got some new exciting outdoor equipment in our outdoor area including a mud kitchen, new sand pit, table and chairs and road safety equipment! The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing and exploring this. 


Logan from Discovery Class has grown a huge pumpkin from a seed.

 It took ages to grow but was well worth the wait!

 Well done Logan!!


Discovery Class local area walk 

Our first week in Reception! 

Roald Dahl Day 2021!

Discovery class cup winners

12.03.2021- Ella 

19.03.2021- Brodie 

26.03.2021- James A

23.04.2021- Charlie 

30.04.2021- James M

07.05.2021- Henry 

14.05.2021- Logan

21.05.2021- Harry

28.05.2021- Bobo

11.06.2021- George H 

18.06.2021- Arabella

25.06.2021- Chloe 

09.07.2021- Ethan

16.07.2021- Iseult 

Forest School 

In forest school this week we looked at Australia. We made aboriginal paintings and our very own didgeridoos! 

Forest school

We had so much fun at forest school this week. We toasted marshmallows, had hot chocolate and made popcorn! 

Forest School

Discovery class had a great time at their first forest school session. We made blossom trees and prints using natural materials!

Lighthouse art

Some brilliant collages of lighthouses!

Doughnut day!

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

We had such a wonderful time at Axe Valley Wildlife Park. We saw and learnt about so many different animals and even got to hold/stroke some! 


We enjoyed making lots of different models!

Tea party with Mr St John! 

Some children in Discovery class were rewarded with a tea party with Mr St John. The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed hot chocolate and cakes! 

Teddy bears picnic!

Discovery class designed skewers and then wrote invitations inviting their teddy bears from home to come in for a picnic. The children then made their fruit skewers and had a wonderful fun filled teddy bears picnic! 

Number bonds!

Some fantastic number bonds to 10 work from this week! 

Schools against waste workshop 

We took part in a virtual recycling workshop this week. We learnt lots about the 3 R's-reduce, recycle and reuse. 


The children asked the class what their favourite fruit was and then using the ipads displayed this data in a pictogram. 

Brilliant math! 

Some fantastic independent maths work from this week! 

Exciting visitor!

We had a very exciting visit from Blue the puppy today. The children asked lots of questions to find out more information about him and how to look after a dog. We even got to stroke him, he was very fluffy! 


In computing this week we learnt about how we can share our learning. We learnt about how images are stored on the ipad and we can connect the ipad to the laptop using a USB cable. Please see below some of the photographs the children wanted to share with you from our first week back! 

Happy Easter!


We have been learning about the celebration Easter. The children have enjoyed Easter egg hunts, Easter crafts and more! 

Shape castles 

In art we have been looking at the painting 'Castle and Sun' by Paul Klee. We have been looking at different shapes and colours in his painting. Discovery class enjoyed experimenting mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. The children then created their own castle and sun paintings inspired by Paul Klee using primary and secondary colours.


We have enjoyed working with the professional artist Rachel this week to create some wonderful, bright mosaics that represent Hambridge school. 

Position and direction 

Discovery class enjoyed directing their friends around the outdoor area and through obstacles using the language forwards, left and right.


We have planted sunflowers, sweet peas, green beans, geraniums and continue to care for our daffodils, crocuses and various other plants. The children are really enjoying growing their own plants and flowers and we can’t wait to see whose sunflower grows the tallest this year!

Red nose day! 


Discovery classes first cup winner!


Shadow science experiment

Discovery Letter March re-opening

Chinese New Year


Discovery spring lockdown 1 photos