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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

Eco Club

Welcome to Hambridge Eco Club! This year we will be working towards achieving an Eco Green Flag award for the school. We will be thinking of ways we can make Hambridge more eco-friendly.

Eco club decided we needed to encourage more birds to the school grounds. With this in mind, all of Eco club helped decorate and make a bird house. We made lots of different types with bright colours! We had some plastic bottles that needed using too. We made two types of bird feeders and used the bird food that was very kindly donated to us by Kelways Garden Centre. There was a little spill! But the feeders look great and birds are already appreciating them. Fab work Eco Club!!

With lots of love and watering, the wildflower seeds are all growing at a very quick pace! We will let them get a little bigger and then plant them around the school grounds.

Eco club looking after their new plants. The poppies have grown tall and the sweet peas smell lovely! They are continuing to water them daily and the lovely sunshine is definitely helping too!

Eco club busy planting lots of seeds for our garden

Two members of Eco club looking very thankful for the foxgloves from Kelways. They planted these themselves, and decided that talking to the plants was the best way to help them grow. It seems to be working very well!!

In Eco club, we are trying to clear the bottom part of the field, and re-discover the pond and outdoor learning area. 


We are so lucky to have been gifted some plants, compost and bird food from Kelways garden centre. We have planted some Foxgloves around the pond area and starting to clear the long grass and make the area more accessible. 

In Eco club, we have been focussing on making safe places for all animals to live. The year 3/4/5 classes made some fantastic bug houses last week. Some of the houses had hot tubs, and one had a zip wire!

This week, Eco Club planted some daffodil bulbs to help encourage biodiversity in the school grounds.

Action Plan


As a result of our Environmental Review, our 3 focuses for this year are:





We hope to complete activities and raise awareness on how important these topics are. Eco Club are planning some exciting events throughout the year.

Here is a template of the meeting minutes we use each time we meet.

Eco Club completed an environmental review to see what we can do to be more eco-friendly at Hambridge.

Meet the Eco Club!