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‘To be the best we can be’

Liberty Class

Welcome to Liberty Class 2022 - 2023!

Welcome to the 22/23 page for Liberty Class. Here we will update you on all the exciting things going on in both years 5 and 6. Liberty class are currently being taught by Mrs Hall (Monday - Thursday) and Mrs Hamm on a Friday. The class is also supported by Mrs Sauter and Miss Sarchet. 

The Day the Crayons Quit


Liberty have focused on 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt. They have looked at informality and style. They are then going to write a persuasive letter as their chairs went on strike!

Science - Animals including Humans - Autumn Term 


Liberty have been learning all about their bodies this half term. They have learnt in particular about the heart, the circulatory system, the lungs and blood. They have done several experiments. Their favourite has to be when they 'made their own blood'. Here are some pictures!

Welcome to Liberty Class 2021 - 2022



Welcome to our lovely Liberty class page! We hope you enjoy looking through our photos, videos, news and achievements.


Liberty Class have been working on their photography skills this term. We spent time some time exploring composition, perspective and experimenting with photo editing apps to create some beautiful pictures.

The term we have been lucky to have a yoga instructor visiting our school. Amongst some wobbles and falls, Liberty class have really enjoyed learning some very complex poses!   

This term we have been looking at the work of Leonid Afremov. We choose one of Leonid’s beautiful pieces to recreate ourselves. As part of our learning journey, we learned how to create one-point perspective and how to use oil paints. We are all very proud of our magnificent final pieces!

Liberty class have been learning about the Hindu festival of Holi. Part of the festivities is the sharing of traditional sweets such as colourful coconut squares so we thought it would be fun to make some ourselves. It was a messy but fun afternoon. All of the tidying up was worth it once we tasted the delicious treats!

Liberty's musical performance


We have worked hard to learn Adele's song 'To make you feel my love'. We learnt how to sing it and play the instrumental parts on the recorder and glockenspiel. We hope you enjoy it.

Stand Against Violence Workshop


Last week we were lucky to have George come in from Stand against violence to work with us and deliver an anti-violence workshop. We looked at how to deal with conflict positively, how people perceive our body language and the importance of forgiveness.

Well done Bonnie for being this weeks cup winner!

Bonnie always comes in to school with a good attitude and a smile on her face and works hard. Well done Bonnie.smiley

Investigating Light!

This term we are learning about light in science. Liberty class have been investigating how light travels in straight lines and have been experimenting with different materials to see which is the best at reflecting light.

Congratulations George for being the cup winner this week.

George has started the Spring term with a fantastic attitude. He is listening and on task. George has also worked incredibly hard to improve his handwriting. Well done George! laugh

Congratulation Cyrus for being the cup winner this week.

Cyrus always gets on quietly and quickly with his learning. He is always on task and takes his learning very seriously. Well done Cyrus, keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Tallulah for being the cup winner this week.

Tallulah has a great attitude in class and is working hard in all lessons. I also continue to be impressed with Tallulah's beautiful handwriting. Well done Tallulah.

Congratulations Kaiden for being this week's cup winner!

Kaiden is always smiling and full of enthusiasm. He puts 100% in to everything he does. Well done Kaiden! laugh



Liberty class have been looking at World War 2 recipes. They planned their recipes, weighed out their ingredients and finally cooked their own bread puddings. They were yummy!

Congratulations Annie for being this weeks cup winner.

Annie has made huge improvements since the start of term with the amount of work she completes in class and her enthusiasm. As a result she is making huge progress in all areas of her learning. Well done Annie laugh

Congratulations Dexter for being this week's cup winner.

Dexter has a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards his learning and always cheers the class up with a big smile on his face. Well done Dexter! laugh

Nothe Fort Trip

Liberty class visited Nothe Fort this week in Weymouth to learn more about what it was like to live during World War 2. The trip was excellent! We went back in time to experience what it was like to be at school during World War 2, sat in an anderson shelter during an air raid, looked around a war time home and looked at real money in a 1940s shop.

Congratulations Amelia for being this weeks cup winner. Amelia has started to take real pride and care with her work and is producing some excellent pieces of writing. Well done Amelia! blush

Congratulations to Laleh for being this weeks cup winner. Laleh never gives up! Even when she is finding her learning hard she puts in 100% and has a good atitude. Well done Laleh wink

Congratulations to Alivia for being this weeks cup winner. Alivia has such a wonderful attitude to her learning and always has a smile on her face! Well done Livi laugh

Congratulations to Harry for being this week's cup winner. Harry has impressed me so much with his resilience, hard work and positive attitude. Well done Harrsmiley

Poetry Week

This week is poetry week and we have been writing our own World War 1 poems (which we hope to share with you soon). As a class we have learnt the poem 'The Sound Collector' and we would like to share it with you. Please click the link below and we hope you enjoy our performance.

Pete the Poet

We had a fantastic time learning about diversity and equality through poetry today. We had a lot of fun creating poems through dressing up and playing instruments.


Congratulations to Seren for our being our fourth cup winner of the year! Seren has started this year with an excellent attitude and has shown enthusiasm and resilience across all of her learning. Fab work Seren! laugh

Congratulations to Chris for being our third cup winner of the year! Chris has worked hard so far this year to put his hand up and ask and answer questions and as a result has produced some fabulous pieces of work. Great job Chris! angel

Congratulations to Adam for our being our second class cup winner of the year! Adam is always ready to learn, listens, asks questions and is a supportive class mate.

Well done Adam, keep up the good work yes

Congratulations to Louie for being our first class cup winner of the year!

Louie ALWAYS has a good attitude to learning and comes to school with a good attitude. Well done Louie laugh

Liberty Class 2020/21



Liberty Class 2020-2021

Charmouth Beach Trip

Jim Dine inspired Art Sculptures

Cup Winner on 09/07/2021

Cup Winner on 01/07/2021

Cup Winner on 26/06/2021

Happy Father's Day everyone!

Cup Winner on 11/06/2021

In Geography this term we are learning all about trade and economics. To start the unit off the children played a Trade Game to fully understand what it meant to trade. They thoroughly enjoyed this, learning lots from the experience.

Cup Winner on 28/05/2021

Cup Winner on 21/05/2021

Cup Winner on 14/05/2021

Cup Winner on 07/05/2021

Cup Winner on 30/04/2021

Cup Winner on 23/04/2021

Happy Easter from everyone in Liberty Class

Cup Winner on 26/03/21

Cup Winner on 19/03/21

Cup Winner on 12/03/2021

Happy Mother's Day From Liberty Class

Science Week - Do eggs bounce? We tested to see whether eggs would bounce after being soaked in vinegar and food colouring for the week.

Chinese New Year

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

I bet you can't make a paper chain as long as Liberty can..... Well done guys!

Science experiment looking at forming shadows and creating shadow puppets

Wellington Maths Challenge! Well done to our four mathematicians this week who completed this challenge against over 60 schools and received a Bronze certificate! Well done guys!