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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

Bramley Class

Welcome to Bramley Class!


We hope you enjoy looking at what Bramley have been getting up to.

Bramley Class 2020-2021

Bramley used clay to create dragon eyes.

Cup winner for Friday 16th July - Chris!

Bramley have been creating posters all about the Vikings.

Guided Reading in the sun!

Christopher won a trophy for great attitude in cricket. Well done Chris!

Cup Winner for Friday 9th July 2021 - Kaiden!

Cup Winner for Thursday 1st July 2021 - Louie!

Cup Winner for Friday 25th June 2021 - Gabriella!

The children enjoyed applying their knowledge of speech punctuation. Don't worry - the pen came off the tables!

Cup Winner for Friday 18th June 2021 - Gracie!

Cup Winner for Friday 11th June 2021 - Adam!

Cup Winner for Friday 28th May 2021 - Alivia!

Bramley Class created Viking shields for their DT homework this term. They are amazing!

Cup Winner for 21st May 2021 - Bonnie!

Cup Winner for 14th May 2021 - Rufus!

Cup Winner for 7th May 2021 - Teddy!

These little tadpoles were saved by Gracie! She enjoyed putting them into their new home.

Cup Winner for 30th April 2021 - Alice!

Forest School

Science Experiment - Thermal Conductors and Insulators

Cup Winner for 23rd April 2021 - Arthur

Exploring Properties of Materials in Science

Cup Winner for 26th March 2021 - Camaron

Happy Easter! Bramley enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the field this afternoon.

Cup Winner for 19th March 2021 - Amelia

Science - The children enjoyed learning about the digestive system.

Cup Winner for 12th March 2021 - Alivia

Bramley Class Lockdown 2021

The Water Cycle Science Experiment

Air Resistance Parachute Science Experiment