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‘To be the best we can be’

Bramley Class

Welcome to Bramley Class 2022-23!


We hope you enjoy looking at what Bramley have been getting up to this year!

Miss Reygate and Mrs Perkins

Bramley Class 2021-2022


Cup Winners


9/9/2022 = Seth

16/9/2022 = Emily

23/9/2022 = Louie

30/9/2022 =  Harrison

7/10/2022 = Aurelia

14/10/2022 = Scarlett

21/10/2022 = Mason

4/11/2022 = William

11/11/2022 = Eliza

18/11/2022 = Erin-May

25/11/2022 = Freya

2/12/2022 = Adelaide

13/01/2023 = Millie

20/01/2023 = Elise

27/01/2023 = Evie H

03/02/2023 = Aurelia 

10/02/2023 = Tamsyn

17/02/2023 = Minnie

03/03/23 = Evie L

10/03/23 = Dara

17/03/23 = Eddy

24/03/23 = Randy 

21/04/23 = Noah

28/04/23 = Tilly

5/04/23 = Renee

12/04/23 = Harrison

Bramley LOVED having the tortoises in class. They helped to feed them and enjoyed watching them in the sun.

The children LOVED having ducklings for the week. They even got to watch them have their first swim!

Bramley had a wonderful time at our cricket event. They practiced lots of new skills, and ended with a full game of cricket. Great work Bramley!

Our challenge in DT this half term was to design and build a kite. The children have loved this, and learnt lots about different types of kites. Today they finished making their own, and had a go at flying them around the play-ground. Considering there was no wind at all, the kites flew pretty well! Well done Bramley.

Project Bug House! The children loved designing and making these. They all had very good ideas, and the bugs will be enjoying their new houses. The houses have added extras such as a hot tub and a zip wire!

In Science we have been learning about invertebrates. Today, we went on an invertebrate hunt, the children found lots of different animals and we then wrote a fact file about the animals.

In PE today we were learning about long distance running. We spoke about how to keep moving even when you get a stitch, and the benefit of starting slow and finishing with a sprint. I was very impressed with their fitness! We then stopped to watch a helicopter land in the field next to us.

No outsiders - The children were very engaged in the lesson Andrew delivered to them. Learning lots about inclusion and how to always be kind.

Bramley really enjoyed their Talent Show today. We spoke about the importance of charities, and events that can be organised to raise money. The class really surprised me with their many different talents! It was wonderful.

The children enjoyed learning to bat in cricket today!

Boom Whackers

Still image for this video
In Music, the children have been playing lots of songs with their boomwhackers, The children performed Believer in assembly and it was really amazing. The rest of the school loved it!!

The children loved their first cricket session this week!

For internet safety day, we discussed how to stay safe online. We then made some class rules, and the children each signed the document with their hand prints.

Today, we made our 'Mythical Creature' clay models. The children loved using different techniques to create different effects. They all did a wonderful job!

In PSHE we have been learning about the life of Chiwa and Kwende and the differences they face, by living in Malawi. Today I showed the children some photos and items from my time in Kenya. The children were all in awe of the differences in lifestyle. The children will be writing a letter to post to this school in Kenya. They will write a little bit about their own lives, and ask some questions about the Kenyan children's lives.

Today we had a visit from Georgia. She works for a company called ISG. The children asked lots of interesting questions about her role, and then had a go at building a tower from spaghetti, which was strong enough to hold up a marshmallow. Two of the teams were successful! Well done Bramley.

The children enjoyed acting out chapter 2 of our English text 'How to Train your Dragon'.

Today, we had a little play in the snow as the children were so excited by it!

Digestive System Experiment

Poem Peformance 4

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Poem Performance 3

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Poem Performance 2

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Poem Performance 1

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Today we performed a poem in class called Please Mrs Butler

Roald Dahl Day 2022

Welcome to Bramley Class 2021-22!


We hope you enjoy looking at what Bramley have been getting up to this year!

Mr M

Bramley Class 2021-2022


Cup Winners


10/9/2021 = Charly

17/9/2021 = Flo G

24/9/2021 = Aurelia

1/10/2021 = Ruby

8/10/2021 = Betsy

15/10/2021 = Rory

21/10/2021 = Bella R

5/11/2021 = Lucas

12/11/2021 = Wright

19/11/2021 = Nicolai

26/11/2021 = Freyah

3/12/2021 = Sophie

10/12/2021 = Jemimah

17/12/2021 = Caitlin

7/1/2022 = Avani

14/1/2022 = Betty

21/1/2022 = Lucy 

28/1/2022 = Maddie

4/2/2022 = Louis H

11/2/2022 = Scarlett PR

4/3/2022 = Camaron

11/3/2022 = Mya

18/3/2022 = Freddie M

25/03/2022 = Ivy

01/04/2022 = Harrison

08/04/2022 = Isabella

29/04/2022 = Scarlett H

06/05/2022 = Fred B

13/05/2022 = Thomas

20/05/2022 = William

27/05/2022 = Flo P

17/06/2022 = Aurelia

24/06/2022 = Scarlett PR.

08/07/2022 = Betty


We had two incredibly cute visitors in class this afternoon! Thank you Maddie!

Thank you for an amazing experience Mrs Perkins!

Painting afternoon this afternoon!

Happy Mother's Day to all our amazing Bramley mums!

Some amazing sounds were made in class this afternoon from the children's homemade musical instruments.

Caitlin has made a fantastic bird feeder from Lego. It has pride of place in our outdoor quiet area.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Art based on our class book 'Matilda' in the style of Quentin Blake

Poetry performance

Please click on the link below to watch us perform Roald Dahl's The Scorpion. We hope you enjoy it.





Pete the Poet. We had a fabulous time working with Pete the Poet today, exploring how much fun we could have with poetry.

Roald Dahl Day 2021

Bramley Class 2020-2021

Bramley used clay to create dragon eyes.