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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

School Values

Ethos Statement and Values


The school's mission statement is 'being the best we can be'. We believe that everyone is truly gifted at something and that our role is to provide as many experiences and opportunities for our children as possible, so that they can find their talents and realise their strengths, leading them to accept their weaknesses and be prepared to work at these to improve as learners.

Our school ethos is quite simple...based upon the acronym of HAMBRIDGE, so that it is easy for all of the school community to remember. It was rewritten in late 2004 by all of the school community:


  • Happiness
  • Achievement
  • Motivation
  • Belief
  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Discipline
  • Growth
  • Excellence




A Classroom Outside of the Classroom



Education has changed since the school’s beginning; we are very proud of our inclusive and broad curriculum. Our children achieve very well, as our data shows, but we see children’s education as much more than purely academic. We run extensive off-site trips, hold charity events and community cooking clubs as well as a range of other after school clubs. We also enable our pupils to experience Outdoor Learning in our Wilderwood area as a part of a carefully planned curriculum which can appeal to children and help them to thrive in ways not possible in a formal classroom setting. 
The school also invests strongly in staff, so that we can support the needs of all pupils, whatever they may be. And while we support children in their educational and emotional needs, we also instil in pupils the life skills of self reliability, independence and responsibility, as well as team-work.

We are very proud of our sporting achievements. Our school teams perform well locally and regionally in basketball, cross country, netball and football, amongst others.

Also, we have a thriving music department, including strong and successful choirs, as well as music lessons in keyboard, flute, drumming and other instruments.To support all this we also offer childcare between 8.00 and 5.30 every school day. Children are also encouraged to attend our broad range of after school clubs.


School Classes

The school is currently arranged in 4 classes. Discovery Class (Reception and Year 1)  Pippin Class (Years 2 and 3), Bramley Class (Years 4 and 5) and Liberty Class (Year 5 and  6)