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‘To be the best we can be’

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HambridgeCommunity Primary School

‘To be the best we can be’

School Council

Anti-Bullying Charter

The school council have created an anti-bullying charter which they presented in assembly in the Spring Term. 

Meet our school council team!

We are a group of Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 pupils who represent our classes and ensure that all pupils at Hambridge Primary School have a voice. We meet every two weeks as school council and ideas and discussion points are brought back to class councils to be discussed before the next meeting. 

Raising money for glockenspiels

Last year school council arranged a break the rules day to raise money for music equipment. With the money raised we were able to buy 16 glockenspiels for all classes to use throughout the school.

Minutes from 24th January 2022

Minutes from Monday 10th January 2022

Minutes from Monday 18th October 2021

Minutes from Monday 4th October 2021

We are very proud of the active role that our pupils play at Hambridge. Pupils in the school council take their role very seriously, and are often consulted on how best to make improvements at the school. For example, they have recently been asked for their opinion on our school's coverage of esafety and how to improve it, and they have been very honest, sensible and helpful in their response which we will use to make our coverage even better. Other things the council have been asked to consider are how to make the best use of our break times, how to use our 'wild area' and reinstating our school pond. ​


Meeting - 15th June

Meeting - 25th May

Meeting - 11th May


Meeting - Wednesday 28th April

Here are our minutes from our recent meeting.