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‘To be the best we can be’

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‘To be the best we can be’

Pippin Class

Cup winner - 18th June

Congratulations Erin May!

You have such a great attitude towards you learning. You persevere, work hard and keep a big smile on your face. Well done! laugh 



Today Pippin class have been measuring in maths. Year 2 have been using metre sticks to measure different items and Year 1 have been seeing how long and tall items are in cubes. We all had a go at estimating.

Forest School Fun

This week we had lots of fun making castles for our little dinosaur friends. 

Cup winner - 7th June


Congratulations Minnie for being this week's winner!

Minnie works so hard in all lessons and as a result her work is always completed to a high standard. Fab job Minnie yes

Forest School

Pippin class had great time at Forest school this week. We made crowns as we are learning about Kings and Queens this term.

Cup winner - 28th May


Congratulations Evie! Evie always has a big smile on her face and is ready to get on with her learning. laugh

Indian Food Tasting

Yesterday we enjoyed trying different foods that are grown and popular in India. We tried mango, onion bhajis, Poppadoms, mango chutney, nann bread and samosas. Some of us happily gobbled up the whole lot whereas others gave it a try, but decided they didn't like it. Mrs Hamm and I were very impressed that most of the children tried the food even though they weren't sure. A very yummy afternoon!

Cup winner - 21st May


Congratulation Mason!

Mason is always ready to learn and give it 100% He has particularly impressed me with his writing this week as he has kept going even when he has found it tough and has produced a wonderful letter to Boris Johnson. laugh

Cup winner - 14th May

Congratulations Davy!

Davy has won the cup this week for always being 100% focused, enthusiastic and working hard. yes

Royal Mail Heroes stamp design competition 


Pippin have designed their own stamps for the Royal Mail heroes competition. They drew a picture of someone who they thought had been a hero throughout the pandemic. We had nurses, police officers, Grandads, Mums, Dads, Doctors and many more. Here are a few of our designs.

Cup winner - 7th May

Congratulations Eliza!

Well done Eliza. You are always ready to learn and set a fantastic example to the rest of the class.laugh


Cup winner - 30th April


Congratulations Eddy!

Eddy has shown so much confidence and concentration in his learning this week. and completed some fantastic pieces of work. yes

Blue the dog

Today we had a very cute visitor - Blue the dog! Mr St John's daughter, Ruby, came in to introduce us to Blue and tell us a bit about him. We have all fallen in love with him :)

Planting seeds

Pippin class have planted seeds and placed them in different locations to investigate what seeds need to grow. We have put some to grow in the dark and some in the sunshine. We have also decided to give some seeds water and other seeds none. We will let you know how our plants get on in a few weeks time.

Cup winner - 23rd April

Congratulations Millie!

Millie has worked her socks off this week and has put 100% effort in to all of her learning. Well done Millie! laugh

Learning about plants and trees

Maths Easter Hunt
We had fun finding the Easter eggs, solving the maths problems and then using the answers to solve am Easter themed riddle.

Cup winner - 19th March

Congratulations Randy!

Randy has worked very hard this week, listened well and produced some excellent learning. Well done Randy yes




Toys in Space Stories
Pippin class have written some outstanding stories about a lost toy who gets zapped up in to space and finds his way home again. They enjoyed sharing their stories with Discovery class in the sunshine this morning.

The Egg Drop Challenge

It is science week this week and in Pippin class we decided to carry out an investigation with a slight Spring link. We tested different materials to find out which one was best at protecting the egg. Most of us predicted that bubble wrap would be the best so we were surprised that rice was the best material. We had lots of fun smashing the eggs. :)